My name is Megan, and I put stories on the internet.

I am, technically and succinctly, a web developer. I specialize in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but I dabble in anything I need to know to suit a particular purpose. But we're all more complex than our titles represent, yes?

I love stories.

I love reading them, hearing them, watching them. I love witty dialogue and a good plot twist. I like telling stories. I like writing them. I like figuring out exactly how to arrange the words to create the feeling that will win over an audience.

I love the internet.

I think the internet is special. Never in the history of communication has there existed such an open, accessible platform for every kind of creative endeavor. Anything that can be photographed, written, or recorded can be shared with the world.

Are there barriers to access? Yep. Could we do better at being civil human beings in this giant schoolyard sandbox? Absolutely. But the magic is there already and has made witches and wizards of us all. No muggles on the web, Harry.

The internet has a place for your story.

You came from somewhere, are going somewhere, and will have adventures and exploits all along the way. These things matter. They matter to you, of course, but they matter to me, too.

Maybe you feel your story is small. Maybe not. Maybe you've discovered something exciting or made something beautiful. Maybe you got a new job or made a nice cake. Something in your life excites you. Share that excitement.

And if you need help, say hello!